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Election 2017 - West Burlington School Board - Brent Mixer

Aug 31, 2017

Three people are running for two seats on the West Burlington School Board during the Sept. 12 election. Tri States Public Radio reached out to each candidate to find out why they entered the race and some of their plans if elected, including Brent Mixer.

Mixer provided the following statement, in its entirety, in response to a request for an interview. The statement starts with the question: What made you decide to run for the board?

Continue to create a positive school environment. I last ran for board I believe it was 2 years ago.  It’s the reason our family moved out to West Burlington and open-enrolled our kids here, smaller class sizes and the Quality teachers, Quality Education, friendly atmosphere. I would like to see more parent involvement with there child academics and more parent involvement in concessions in the sports area. As a goal for my 1st year on board, is to see more involvement from the parents and board members in “The bridges over poverty” program.  My family and I have been West Burlington Residents for 11 years. My wife Melissa will be Student/Teaching in The Burlington Community School System this Fall. I myself will be working at surrounding schools subbing in different classrooms’. in different schools In my spare time I volunteer in concession for JH and High School Sports, I have also been a volunteer coach in JH Basketball, JH Baseball, and JH Football.. My Oldest son Austin Mixer is a Junior at WB High School, involved in many athletic teams, WB/ND/DAN Varsity football team, WB Varsity Baseball team, WB Varsity Track team, Jazz Band, Marching Band. Our youngest son Micah Mixer will be involved in JH Baseball, JH Band, possibly JH Track.

I would like our West Burlington Voters to know that I would like to continue to help our Schools grow and get to know our school administration and teachers better, and see what I can do to help better our school system and also to be a help in our community. One of my biggest strengths is being a good listener. Our community needs leaders on the board that have character, integrity, honesty, good morals and ethics, social skills, and most importantly someone that will listen to there cares and there concerns.

Thank You,

Brent Mixer