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Keokuk Could Limit Outdoor Concerts

Oct 19, 2012

The Keokuk City Council has received multiple complaints about outdoor concerts at L-Treyn’s Bar and Grill over the last few years.

The panel’s only response, though, occurred in May 2011 when it required outdoor concerts end at 1:00 A.M. at all establishments where alcohol is sold.

The issue resurfaced during Thursday night’s workshop.

The result was 3rd Ward Alderman Ron Payne proposing the concerts end by either 10:00 P.M. or 11:00 P.M., depending on the night.

“This is outdoor music,” says Payne, “indoor music can be left as it is because that is not a major issue that we have had problems with.  The outdoor music is what we are having the problems with.”

Payne says his plan calls for exemptions for special events like Rollin on the River.

He says the times he proposed are based on his research of city codes from across the country.

The Keokuk City Council will use next week’s workshop to discuss Payne’s proposal.