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Media Coverage of the Shutdown

Oct 8, 2013

The Shop Talk panelists discuss whether American journalists are doing a good job of reporting on the partial shutdown of the federal government.

A commentary on the Al Jazeera America network suggests the media is doing a poor job.  The piece by Dan Froomkin calls for journalists to hold politicians accountable for extremist actions. He said reading the news would not help you understand that an extreme political act is being used to basically hold the government hostage.

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Garcia said journalists historically strive to be objective, but added reporters should serve a watchdog role and should hold people – especially politicians – accountable.

Panelist Lisa Kernek also feels journalists should hold politicians accountable.  She believes this can be done with objective reporting while also making sure the audience has a sense of what is really happening.

Panelist Rich Egger questioned whether it matters.  He feels many Americans don’t pay attention to important issues – even those taking place right in their own backyards.