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Thinking about the Brain

Aug 10, 2017

Fitness centers are devoted to physical health. But your mind needs to be kept healthy too. That's the premise behind a series of training programs to be held in Macomb. 

The University of Illinois Extension and the Alzheimer’s Association will host The Brain Health Series.

“Almost every family now is affected in some way (by Alzheimer’s).  But there are some protective factors so we can impact the incidence of Alzheimer’s. We want to teach people how to do that,” said Cara Allen, Family Life Educator for the U of I Extension. 

The Brain Health Series will be held in the Community Room of Macomb City Hall on August 17, 24, and 31.  Each program will last from 10:00 a.m. to Noon.

  • August 17:  Hold that Thought looks at the memory process and what researchers say contributes to brain health.
  • August 24:  Know the Ten Signs: Early Detection Matters provides a basic overview of Alzheimer’s disease, and looks at risk factors, diagnosis, and the benefits of early detection.
  • August 31:  FIT WITS: Fostering Improved Thinking While Incorporating Training Strategies provides information about the aging brain, plus strategies for helping with everyday forgetfulness.

The series is free but registration is required.  Call 309-837-3939 or register on the Extension’s website.

Allen said heart-healthy behaviors – such as exercising and eating right – also benefit the brain.

Conversely, inactivity is not only bad for the body but also bad for the brain.

“Sitting is considered the next smoking as far as health is concerned.  We were always concerned about smoking but those rates have gone down,” Allen said.

“And now they’ve shown that inactivity is the second most unhealthy thing you can do, whether that’s for your heart or for your brain.”

Allen said the training programs should be of interest to people of all ages because brain health is important at every age.