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Volunteer Center of the Big River United Way

Mar 15, 2013

Jason Parrott's guest on Emphasis, this week, is Barb Casady, who is the coordinator for the new Volunteer Center of the Big River United Way.

Barb Casady with the new Volunteer Center of the Big River United Way in Keokuk

The center has been operating for a few months, with the funding for it coming from a grant through the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service.

Casady says the goal is to connect volunteers with organizations that can use their help.

She says making those connections will get a boost through the development of a website.

"An individual or family could type in their particular interest in a volunteer opportunity," says Casady, "and all of the opportunities in the community will come up."

This service could also be used during a disaster, such as another flood along the Mississippi River.

Casady says the volunteer center focuses on south Lee County, but hopes to grow throughout the region.

She says she applied for the coordinator position because volunteerism has been a significant part of her life for years.

"My mother is a lifelong volunteer in literacy and my father is a lifelong volunteer through the Kiwanis and community/church activities," says Casady, "so I grew up knowing how important volunteering is to the community."

Casady says the work of the volunteer center will be unveiled to the public on April 9.

The event will include the showing off of the website and the naming of the center's first volunteer of the month.