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Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Rich Egger

The Illinois business community is lining up with farm groups in an effort to stave off some new federal water regulations. 

When the movie “Promised Land” came out this month, one was tempted to repeat the tagline from 1972’s horror flick “The Last House on the Left”: “It’s only a movie... It’s only a movie...”

But … it’s worse. People on both sides of the fracking debate cringe at “Promised Land,” the Matt Damon drama about fracking advocates trying to get a depressed rural area to sign over drilling rights. Fracking supporters say the film’s unfair; fracking opponents say it doesn’t go far enough.

Illinois is Ready to Implement Exchanges

Jun 8, 2012

Most states have delayed implementing health insurance exchanges required by the federal Affordable Care Act.  The constitutionality of the act is being challenged before the U.S.  Supreme Court. A spokesperson for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says the state will move quickly to pass enabling legislation once the  court makes its ruling.

Laura Minzer is the executive director of the chamber's Healthcare Council.

Longtime state employees in Illinois would no longer be able get free health insurance  when they retire under legislation (SB 1313) approved by the Illinois House on May 9.

The  vote is part of a push to cut pension benefits for government retirees.  The governor, House speaker and other politicians want to save money  by cutting pensions, health care and other costs.