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John Hallwas Liberal Arts Lecture

The Public Sphere of Past and Present

Aug 29, 2016
Rich Egger

This week I am honored to give the fourteenth annual John Hallwas Lecture on the Liberal Arts, which is sponsored by WIU’s College of Arts and Sciences. My talk, titled, “The Public Sphere of Past and Present, and the Place of the Liberal Arts,” will answer basic questions about the public sphere, including what it first was, what it is today, and why its long relationship with the liberal arts matters.

Credit: Shouldwe.org

The 13th annual John Hallwas Liberal Arts Lecture will be held this week by the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Illinois University. It’s seen as an opportunity to show a commitment to liberal arts programming.

Western Illinois University

A long-time modern dancer in New York believes people can make the world a better place by finding their passion and then using it to energize others.