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Kozmic Game Emporium

Let's Play a Game

May 10, 2017
Rich Egger

When I was growing up my family spent a lot of time playing games. Board games, word games, travel games. We had games for every event and occasion.

Rich Egger

A card game called Hide 'n' Peek won the Grand Prize at the inaugural Lizzie Magie Board Game Contest in Macomb.  16 entries were submitted.

Celebrating Monopoly's Ties to Macomb

Mar 28, 2016
Breanna Descourouez

The original Monopoly game, called The Landlords Game, was created by a Macomb native, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Magie.  To honor that connection, Adam Kozlowski, owner of the Kozmic Game Emporium in downtown Macomb, is holding the first "Lizzy Magie Design A Board Game Contest."

Macomb Shop Embracing Board Game Resurgence

Aug 17, 2015
Credit Marty E. on Flickr (flickr.com/calboy2)

Since it opened its doors last September, The Kozmic Game Emporium in Macomb's downtown has offered a new and unique social opportunity. And as the shop gains more attention, its free game nights are gaining traction.