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Poll Data on Sales Tax & Other Issues

Macomb, IL – A community survey tried to gauge the feelings of Macomb residents on a host of issues. Among other things, it contains good news for supporters of the half-cent sales tax. The poll found a majority of residents are aware of the tax and they support having the money used for infrastructure improvements. In addition, most likely voters will support extending the tax, which is set to expire within the next couple years. Mayor Mick Wisslead expects a renewal referendum to be placed on the November ballot. The poll of Macomb residents also found many are satisfied with city conditions and they expect life to get better in the next five years. Most are satisfied with town services. They're least satisfied with restaurants, entertainment, and child care services. The biggest concern is taxes. The poll was done by the Western Survey Research Center at WIU. It contacted nearly 700 households at random via mail and telephone. About half shared responses. The margin of error is plus or minus 5%. The researchers shared their findings with the city council Monday night. You can listen to their presentation by clicking on the audio button above.