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Burlington Updating Rental Inspections

The process of updating the rules for Burlington’s rental inspection program appears to be very fluid at this point.

The update, which has been in the works for months, has received initial approval from the city council.

City Manager Jim Ferneau said the biggest points of contention for local landlords involve infestations and electrical systems.

He said the update would give landlords 30 days to address infested rental units, which is a serious issue in Burlington.

“Better than a quarter of our units, when they go through an inspection, are showing signs of infestation,” said Ferneau.

Failure to address the infested rental units could lead to scheduled exterminations, financial penalties and even the loss of a rental permit.

The 30 day window is actually a compromise with local landlords, though some still feel the city is going too far by requiring follow-up exterminations.

The update would also require electrical systems be upgraded to 100 amps to address safety concerns and excessive use by renters.

Ferneau expects additional meetings between the city and the landlords before the next vote on the update to the rental inspection program.