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ATF Involved in FM Fire Investigation

Fort Madison Fire 2 - 500.jpg

Fort Madison is devoting additional resources to the investigation of multiple structural fires even as additional agencies get involved.

Police Chief Bruce Niggemeyer says one of his officers is working only on the investigation while the Fort Madison Fire Department is experiencing plenty of overtime.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives joined the effort late last week.  Some of the other agencies involved include the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Niggemeyer says the recent fire at the Metropolitan Hotel at the corner of 6th Street and Avenue G triggered the investigation, but it is not the only fire being explored.

He says investigators are also looking into fires at Old Fort Madison, the former Sheaffer Pen building and Tri-State Furniture.

Niggemeyer says all of these fires are being investigated because the causes have yet to be determined.

He says officers and agents are running down all leads and tips, including the rumors that are circulating the city.