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Keokuk Airport Capital Plan

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Work at the Keokuk Municipal Airport is expected to be scaled back in the next few years.

Manager Greg Gobble says the top priority has been the resurfacing of the two runways, which is nearly complete.  He says the multi-million dollar project also includes some lighting improvements.

“We are trying to knock a lot of things out with this large project and then do a few lighter things coming up,” says Gobble.


One of the lighter things is the installation of a new, automated weather observation system next year.  The current system is out-of-date and difficult to repair.

Gobble says some other projects in the airport’s five-year capital plan are the purchase of new snow removal equipment and the clearing of obstructions like trees.

The most expensive item is a new hangar, which is scheduled for fiscal year 2017.  It carries a potential price tag of $450,000.

Gobble says most of the projects in the plan qualify for federal money, with a potential match of 90% vs. 10% local.

The Keokuk City Council has signed off on the document.