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IA & IL Public Broadcasting to See Cuts


The federal sequester will affect federal funding for state program and that includes public broadcasting in Iowa and Illinois.Iowa Public Television will have about 125,000 dollars cut from its budget, though the exact figure is not yet known. That's out of 150,000 dollars of total federal aid.


IPTV Communications Director, Jennifer Konfrst, said the reduction could nearly wipe out the network’s fund for acquiring new educational programs.

"More that 65 percent of teachers use Iowa Public Television resources in the classroom," Konfrst said, "and that's not to say that this is all this recorded programing, but that's a big part of what we offer to schools."

Konfrst said many older programs can no longer be broadcast because the rights to use them have expired.

Network Knowledge , which operates public television stations in Springfield, Jacksonville, Quincy and Macomb said it faces a five to ten percent funding cut.

That would amount to between 30 and 60 thousand dollars.

Tri-States Public Radio does not anticipate dramatic cuts due to the sequester.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.