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Cutting School Transportation Funding


Illinois schools could see state funding reduced by millions of dollars under Governor Pat Quinn's budget proposal. One of the largest cuts would be to the fund used to get children to school on time.

Governor Quinn's budget would reduce transportation spending by 70%.

Anthony Galindo, superintendent in Gibson City, said that could force some difficult decision upon his largely rural district.  He students might start meeting at stops so buses can travel shorter routes, but there aren't many other options available.

Governor Quinn's budget spokesman, Abdon Pallasch, said “there are no good options” when it comes to balancing the state budget. He said the decision came down to cutting money for buses or for classrooms.

“You're choosing among least-bad options, and these are the options left to us," Pallasch said.  

Lawmakers are trying to finalize the budget by May 31, which is when the House and Senate are scheduled to adjourn for the summer.