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Gun Group Takes Legal Action Against Illinois


The Illinois State Rifle Association said the concealed carry law approved by Illinois lawmakers Tuesday is not good enough.

According to court documents filed Wednesday, the group believes lawmakers did not meet their deadline because the state's ban on carrying guns outside the home remains in effect.

Plaintiffs are not asking for an unfettered right to carry firearms in public

The group pointed out it could be mid-March before a gun owner would legally be able to carry his/her weapon in public. 

The new law gives Illinois State Police six months to set up a permit system. After that, there is a 90 day application process.

The ISRA said that delay continues to deprive lawful gun owners of their constitutional rights.

Newly filed motions ask the U.S. District Court to allow people to carry by next Tuesday, July 16.

"Plaintiffs are not asking for an unfettered right to carry firearms in public," the court filings say.

But they want to be able to take them everywhere the new law would eventually allow them to go anyway.