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WIU Signs Dual Enrollment Deal with EICC


Western Illinois University recently signed a new agreement with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges to make the transition for EICC students coming to Western easier.

The ” two and two” agreement sets up specific plans for students taking classes at EICC so they know  exactly what courses to take at EICC to earn certain business degrees from WIU. These include degrees in human resource management, management, marketing and supply chain management.

Andy Borst Director of Admissions at Western, said many community colleges have seen increased enrollment without being able to make the same increases in advising staff and in many cases students are not required to meet with an advisor past their first semester.

"So this is way for the academic advisor at the community college to say to a student, here is plan of coursework that you can follow through to your fourth year, because that student may not be getting the advisement in their subsequent semesters," Borst said.

He said the university hopes this will increase overall enrollment at the school, but he said it may take several years to be able to see the results.

WIU is also working on similar agreements with Spoon River College and Blackhawk Community College as well as revising some of it eight current “two and two’s.” Some of these, Borst said, have fallen  bit out of date.