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Tri States Public Radio and NPR News will provide you with updated stories from all of our local and national elections between now and November. The NPR News element below will be updated constantly, and will sometimes provide live coverage and audio from important events leading up to the November elections. You can find all of our local coverage after the jump.Election 2012 News From NPR

School Board Candidates - SE Iowa

The school board elections in southeast Iowa (Lee & Des Moines Counties) are scheduled for Tuesday, September 10.


Burlington School District
(Vote for Three)
- Linda Garwood (Incumbent)
- Darven Kendell (Incumbent)

Central Lee School District
(Vote for One per District)
District II
- Bill Young
District III
- Mark Hulsebus (Incumbent)
District IV
- Kim Miller (Incumbent)
District V
- Verna Brunstein (Incumbent)

Danville School District
(Vote for Two)
- Sandy Dockendorff (Incumbent)
- Andy Grothe
- Matthew Parrott (Incumbent)

Fort Madison School District
(Vote for Three)
- Jaime Feaney
- Timm Lamb (Incumbent)
- Debbie Meyer
- Kimberly  Ransdell
- Healther Wellman
- Tim Wondra (Incumbent)
- Gayla Young

Keokuk School District
(Vote for Three)
- Jane Abell
- Alka Khanolkar (Incumbent)
- Tyler McGhghy (Incumbent)
- Carrie Steele

Mediapolis School District
(Vote for One per District)
District III
- Carrie Lippert
District IV
- John Witte
District VI
- No Candidates Filed

West Burlington School District
(Vote for Two)
- Lee Boughton
- Jay Day

Southeastern Community College
(Vote for One per District)
District II
- Lanny Hillyard (Incumbent)
District III
- Jeff Heland

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.