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Knox Student Publishes Novel

Knox College

Many college students dream of becoming writers. A Knox college student reached that goal before the end of her second year.

19 year old Knox College Sophomore, Rebecca Harwell, just had her superhero suspense novel published.

"The Thunderbird Project" follows a group of superheroes who come back together after one of their members is murdered, and must find the killer before the rest of the team is killed as well.

Harwell said she actually wrote her first "novel" when she was eight.

"I actually wrote my first quote, unquote, novel when I was eight, but since it was about unicorns and dragons fighting and it was a handwritten notebook I don't necessarily know if that would count," she said.

This is Harwell's her fourth finished manuscript and the first to get published by Bedlam Press.

Though she said after graduation she doesn’t want to become a full-time writer, actually she rather be either a professor or librarian.

"It's a pretty grueling industry and  I think it would be way too stressful to write fulltime, but I would love to be able to release a book every couple of years," she said.

Harwell, who's originally from near the Twin Cities, said she came to Knox  for its creative writing program.
She said even after the Thunderbird Project was set to be published she continued to write and currently has one manuscript on submission with a publisher.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.