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Burlington Schools Address Bullying Video

The Burlington School District says it reacted quickly to an online video that appears to show a student being bullied on school property.

The undated video circulating on Facebook runs about 3:20 in length.

It shows three students taunting, punching and knocking down another student near the district's administrative building in Perkins Park.

The students appear to be middle-to-high school age.

Spokesman Derek Baker says the district became aware of the video Monday morning.

He says the administration acted immediately, alerting parents on the district's Facebook page and working to identify the students involved.

"The students who were in the video have been questioned and steps have been taken towards that and being dealt with in the manner that it should be," says Baker.

Baker declined to identify the students or the punishments.

He says the Burlington Police Department was contacted about the video.

It was one week ago that Superintendent Jane Evans gave a presentation to the school board about how the district handles bullying.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.