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Progress in Macomb Teacher Contract Talks

Rich Egger

Representatives from the Macomb School District and the Macomb Education Association held an informal meeting Wednesday night as they try to reach agreement on a new contract.

“I believe that we are getting closer to the middle,” said MEA spokesperson Doug Mattsey. “Every time they get together we seem to have another little bit of movement.”

We're all sort of in the middle of a bad situation that we've been handed by the state.

Details are not being released, but Mattsey said the MEA is hopeful the two sides are close to resolving the impasse. He said teachers do not want the talks to “…drag out into the next year.”

Teachers have been working without a contract this school year.  Mattsey said both sides are trying to be fiscally responsible during trying times.

“We understand it’s not really an ‘us versus them’ situation.  We’re all sort of in the middle of a bad situation that we’ve been handed by the state,” Mattsey said.

The radio story

He said teachers would like to settle on a contract for the current school year, then begin work on another new pact in the spring. He said more contract details can be worked out in those negotiations.

Superintendent Patrick Twomey was not available for comment.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.