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SCC Drafting Facilities Master Plan


Southeastern Community College wants to bring the look and feel of a large university to the southeast corner of Iowa.

The college is close to finalizing a new master facilities plan with the Board of Trustees likely voting on it in January.

President Michael Ash says it's been about ten years since the college developed such a plan.

He says the idea is, in part, to bring a "wow factor" to the campuses in Keokuk and West Burlington.

Dr. Ash says for example, the health care programs in West Burlington are spread out and lacking cohesion.

"So I would like to bring those together into one part of our facilities so that they can gain from the efficiencies and share and learn from each other and have some cross-pollination if you will."

Ash says some of the other potential projects throughout the region include new science labs, modern cafeterias and additional dorms.

He says an architectural firm will eventually be hired to make the facilities plan a reality.  He says six firms are being considered at this point in time.

SCC would borrow the money needed for the projects.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.