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Autopsy: Macomb Man Strangled

Rich Egger

The preliminary opinion from a forensic autopsy conducted on a Macomb man found his injuries are “…consistent with a cause of death of strangulation.”

Police also said the victim, Ramone Doyle, 43, of Macomb, had been involved in an altercation with his roommate, Shaun Davis, 25, of Macomb, at their home at 515 E. Pierce St. shortly before Doyle died.

However, Police Chief Curt Barker said Davis told investigators he does not remember why they fought.

“He can’t tell us. He doesn’t know why it occurred,” said Barker.  “He remembers everything. He just doesn’t know why it started.

I don't want to jeopardize the case with giving out any particular information.

Barker declined to say whether drugs or alcohol were involved.  He did say a party had been held at the house the night before but it’s believed the gathering had broken up several hours before the fight. He said Doyle and Davis were the only two involved in the fight, though there was a witness. 

Barker declined to name the witness other than to say “it was a friend.”

Police are not saying whether Doyle was strangled with a rope or by some other means.

“I don’t want to put anything into the mind of anybody that may (serve) on a grand jury or what have you,” said Barker.  “I don’t want to jeopardize the case with giving out any particular information.  We still have some interviews to do and questions, and those things may be used by detectives to determine what somebody knows.”

Barker said interviews and other evidence are being turned over to the McDonough County State’s Attorney’s office, which will decide whether to pursue charges.  Barker said prosecutors could issue an arrest warrant or they could take the case to a grand jury.

Barker said it’s “very clear” as to what took place, and he said Davis is only person of interest in the case. But he said it could take while for the State’s Attorney’s office to make decisions because evidence is still being collected and investigators are still awaiting the final autopsy results.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.