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Neighbors of Adult Club Disappointed with County Board


Those who live closest to the adult entertainment establishment in McDonough County are not happy about the new business.

They’re also unhappy with the McDonough County Board.

“I’m disappointed this group did not take the opportunity to have rules and regulations,” Margaret Johnson told the board during its February meeting.

I understand they have concerns and I sympathize with those concerns.

Johnson said another neighbor was told by the owner of the club that he was opening a dance studio.  She said this was not the type of tumbling neighbors expected.

Hazel Buren and Becky Mahr also told board members they were disappointed with them. Buren said the club was “degrading to women.” Mahr said she’s raising three children and is concerned the club might lead to crimes such as prostitution, drug use, and theft.

Mahr urged the board to readdress the issue to prevent an adult club from moving in next to someone else in the county.

“I understand they have concerns and I sympathize with those concerns and I’m glad they brought them to our attention,” said County Board Chair Scott Schwerer after the meeting.

However, Schwerer remains unconvinced that the board should implement regulations for adult establishments, calling it “piecemeal zoning.”

“I don’t feel it is right to regulate just one business … and not regulate everything,” said Schwerer.

He said any county board member could ask to put the issue on the agenda. He said since it would involve creation of an ordinance, the matter should be handled by the board’s Law and Legal Committee before going before the full board.

The radio story

McDonough County has no regulations for adult entertainment establishments, and any rules implemented now would not cover the club Wildlife because it’s already open.

Wildlife debuted a couple weekends ago on Route 136 between Macomb and Colchester.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.