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Candidates file for county offices

Rich Egger
Tri States Public Radio

The deadline for Republican and Democratic candidates to file for the primary was March 14.

At least three west central Illinois counties will have new Sheriffs next year.

Knox County Sheriff Dave Clague, Fulton County Sheriff Jeff Standard, and Henderson County Sheriff Don Seitz are not seeking reelection.

In Knox County, Democrats Douglas Sampson and James Robertson will face off in the June 28 primary, and Jack Harlan has filed to run for Sheriff as a Republican.

Fulton County’s Sheriff race includes Democrat Ryan Maricle and Republican John Webb, both of whom filed to be on the primary ballot but will be unopposed in their respective primaries.

In Henderson County, Matthew Link and Arbry Vancil will face each other in the Republican primary, and Steven Henshaw has filed as a Democrat.

The deadline for Republican and Democratic candidates to file for the primary was March 14.

Independent candidates will have the opportunity to file in July to be on the November ballot.

Voters can begin requesting mail-in ballots on March 30, and early voting begins May 19 for the primary.

Following are candidates in area counties who have filed to run.

McDonough County

County Clerk and Recorder
Gretchen DeJaynes (incumbent), Republican

Nick Petitgout (incumbent), Republican

Angela Graves (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 1
Larry Aurelio (incumbent), Republican
Eric Blakeley, Republican
Jerry Raby, Republican
Dick Marcott (incumbent), Democrat
Dustin Berg, Democrat
Ken Durkin (incumbent), Democrat
Dana Walker, Democrat
Deckle McLean (incumbent), Democrat
Michael Kirby (incumbent), Democrat

County Board, District 2
L. Scott Schwerer (incumbent), Republican
Joe Erlandson (incumbent), Republican
Craig Foster (incumbent), Republican
Eric Chapman (incumbent), Republican
Clayton Murphy, Republican
David Cortelyou (incumbent), Republican
Travis Hiel (incumbent),
Republican Kathy Olesen-Tracey,
Democrat Rod McGrew (incumbent), Democrat

County Board, District 3
George Dixon (incumbent), Republican
Letha Clark (incumbent), Republican
Vicky Kipling (incumbent), Republican
David Nissen (incumbent), Republican
Michael Cox (incumbent), Republican
Terra Litchfield (incumbent), Republican
Jared Royer, Republican
Tim Roberts, Democrat

Knox County

County Clerk and Recorder
Tracy Thierry-Robertson, Democrat
Scott Erickson (incumbent), Republican

Douglas Sampson, Democrat
James Robertson, Democrat
Jack Harlan, Republican

Robin Davis (incumbent), Democrat
Janet Windish, Republican

County Board, District 1
Darla Krejci (incumbent), Democrat
Cheryl Nache (incumbent), Democrat
Anthony Weiss, Republican

County Board, District 2
John Hunigan (incumbent), Democrat
Greg Bacon, Democrat
David Amor (incumbent), Democrat
Brent Zhorne, Republican
Stephen Johnson, Republican
Robert Bondi (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 3
Pamela Davidson (incumbent), Democrat
Samuel Cohen, Democrat
Kimberly Thierry, Democrat
Samuel Larson, Democrat
Dale Jacobs, Republican

County Board, District 4
Jared Hawkinson (incumbent), Republican
Joshua Kramer, Republican
Todd Olinger (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 5
Brian Frederich (incumbent), Republican
Ricardo Sandoval (incumbent), Republican
Jeff Link (incumbent), Republican

Warren County County Clerk and Recorder
Randi Reynolds, Republican

Danielle Cox, Republican

Martin Edwards (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 1
Patrick Spears (incumbent), Republican
Timothy Bresnahan (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 2
Sean Cavanaugh (incumbent), Republican
Robert Way (incumbent), Republican
Sean Stevens, Republican
Michael Pearson (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 3
Stephen Hawkins (incumbent), Republican
Lyman Schar (incumbent), Republican
Todd Winkler (incumbent), Republican
Thaddeus Tharp (Republican)

County Board, District 4
Daniel Byers (incumbent), Republican
William Thompson (incumbent), Republican
J. David Jenks (incumbent), Republican
Melanie Monroe (incumbent), Republican

Fulton County

County Clerk and Recorder
Patrick O’Brian (incumbent), Republican

Ryan Maricle, Democrat
John Webb, Republican

Staci Mayall (incumbent), Democrat

County Board, District 1
Stanford Berry (incumbent), Democrat
Joseph Murphy, Democrat
Laura Hepp Kessel (incumbent), Democrat

County Board, District 2
Mary Deushane (incumbent), Democrat
Tristan Eddlemon, Republican
Karl Williams (incumbent), Republican
Jared Heller, Republican
Lauren Southwood, Republican
Barry Beck (incumbent), Republican
John Spangler (incumbent), Republican

County Board, District 3
Daniel Kumer (incumbent), Democrat
Glen Hamm, Democrat
Lisa Thompson (incumbent), Democrat
Alex Gilles, Democrat
Ryan Sloan, Republican
James Barkley, Republican
Brian Platt (incumbent), Republican

Hancock County

The Hancock County clerk’s office declined to release candidate filings until Tuesday, March 22.

Schuyler County

County Clerk and Recorder
Mindy Garrett (incumbent), Democrat

Cindy McClellan, Republican

State’s Attorney
Emily Sullivan (incumbent), Democrat
Charles Laegeler, Republican

Bill Redshaw (incumbent), Republican
Bill Thompson, Republican

County Board
Rick Wright (incumbent), Republican
Chet Esther (incumbent), Republican
Chris Billingsley (incumbent), Republican
Tim Kettering (incumbent), Republican
Mark Lipcaman, Republican
Stuart Korsmeyer, Republican
Alison Armstrong, Republican
Donald Malone, Republican
Morris McClelland, Republican

Henderson County

County Clerk and Recorder
Amanda Van Arsdale (incumbent), Republican

Treasurer Tina Droste (incumbent), Republican

Matthew Link, Republican
Arbry Vancil, Republican
Steven Henshaw, Democrat

County Board
Todd Miller, Republican
Jon Corzatt (incumbent), Republican
Bradley Flatt (incumbent), Republican
William Pruett, Republican
Kurt McChesney, Republican
Kim Gullberg (incumbent), Republican
Janet Stubbs, Republican
Deb Pflasterer (incumbent), Republican
J.W. Knupp (incumbent), Republican
Patty Daniels, Democrat
Richard Bigger Jr. (incumbent), Democrat

Regional Superintendent of Schools

John Meixner (incumbent), Republican

Jodi Scott (incumbent), Republican