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Did you know there are Albums who have been left behind in the digital age? They sit lonely and unplayed on shelves at public radio stations across the country. But you can help. This year for the cost of just 10 cents per day (or $36.50 per Album), you can help bring a lost Album at TSPR into the digital age. In return, you will receive a photo and letter from your Album, sharing with you its journey into the 21st century. What can 10 cents a day buy you? Not much, but it can help us share even more music with our listening audience…adopt your Album today!

Two ways to give:
1) Give us a call at 1-800-895-2912.

2) You can pledge online: CLICK HERE
**NOTES: The pledge amount for each Album is $36.50. Use the "other" box on our pledge form to enter your pledge amount. **
1 Album = $36.50
2 Albums = $73.00
3 Albums = $109.50
4 Albums = $146.00
5 Albums = $182.50
**Please specify if you have a preferred Album or artist/composer in the comments section.**