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Bob Morawitz : Protect Historic Streets


Bob Morawitz is seeking the 2nd ward seat on the Fort Madison City Council, in part, because he wants to protect the city's history.

His decision dates back to his unsuccessful bid for the Iowa State Senate two years ago.

Morawitz says residents kept telling him that they wanted to see him on the city council.

"They thought I would have a better chance of getting things done that would help the local area," says Morawitz.

Community involvement is nothing new to Morawitz as he has served on multiple boards and commissions overseeing areas such as historic preservation and Old Settlers Park.

He says his top priority, if elected, is the new $6-million street improvement program.

Morawitz says while he supports the program in general, he opposes the possibility that Fort Madison's historic brick streets will be included.

"I have studied the history of this town and the atmosphere we have," says Morawitz, "and the brick streets add to it.  I am concerned that they are going to be torn up and not replaced."

Another priority for Morawitz is expanding the local tourism industry.

He says the brick streets, the old Victorian-era homes, the swing-span railroad bridge and the renovated downtown depot should be marketed more to bring people to Fort Madison.

Morawitz says his top priorites, when crafting the city budget, would be public safety, street maintenance, and the city parks.

"It is really important for the quality of life issues to maintain the parks.  The kids need places to play and stay out of trouble.

Morawitz says, while campaigning, he has heard from residents who feel they cannot approach members of the Fort Madison City Council.

He says, if elected, he would be open to talk to everyone and willing to listen to everyone's ideas.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.