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Residents of western Illinois, southeast Iowa, and northeast Missouri will go to be the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6.The various ballots across the tri-state region feature races for governor, congress, and seats in state legislatures and county government.The news department at Tri States Public Radio has been talking to the candidates so you can be a more informed voter.

Western Illinois Results – November 2018 Election

Voters returned incumbents to office in the state and federal contests in west central Illinois.  Voters also decided county elections and a few local referenda.

State Representative - 93rd District

Norine Hammond (R)  52%

John Curtis (D)    48%

State Representative - 94th District

Randy Frese (R)   73%

Richard Cramsey (D)   27%

Congress – 17th District

Cheri Bustos (D)    62%    

Bill Fawell  (R)  38%

Congress-18th District   

Darin LaHood (R)   68%

Junius Rodriguez (D)   32%

McDonough County Board District 1

(Vote for three)

Lee Calvert (D)     23%

Larry Aurelio (R)    22%

Tessa Pfafman (D)   21%

Craig Burns (D)    19%

Digger Oster (R)    16%           

McDonough County Board District 1

Two-year unexpired term           

(Vote for two)        

Jennifer Hemingway (D)  31%

Michael Kirby (D)   26%

Jerry Cremer (R)     25%

Ronald Bricker (R)  19%           

McDonough County Board District 2

(Vote for four)       

David Cortelyou (R)   17%

Travis Hiel (R)   16%

Trevor Toland (R)   16%

Joe Erlandson (R)   15%

Shirley Camp (D)    11%

Chase DeWitt (D)   9%

Robert Smith (D)    8%

Emiliano Vera (D)   9%           

McDonough County Board District 3

(Vote for three)     

Terra Litchfield (Rep)        23%

Marcia Twaddle (Rep ) (i)            21%

George Dixon (Rep ) (i)     20%

Tammie Leigh Brown-Edwards (D)       13%

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway (D)   12%

Jarad Huffman (D) 11%

Knox County Sheriff        

David Clague (D)    54%

Kip Canfield (R)       46%           

Knox County Board District 1  

(vote for two)        

Cheryl Nache (D)    40%

Patrick Harlan (R)   34%

Richard Conklin (R)   27%           

Knox County Board District 2  

John Hunigan (D)   57%

Preston Johnson (R)          43%

Knox County Board District 3  

Two-year unexpired term          

Tara Wilder (D)       65%

Barbara Foster (R) 35%           

Knox County Board District 4  

Todd Olinger (R)     59%

Brett Villarreal (D)  41%           

Knox County Board District 5  

Brian Friedrich (R)  62%

Josh Dean (D)    38%

Oneida Referendum       

Shall the city continue to ban the retail sale of liquor?      

Yes      22%

No       78%           

Warren County Treasurer         

Kathy Tate (R)         73%

Joshua Crossen (D)   27%           

Warren County Board District 1         

(Vote for two)        

Mark Richardson (R)   38%

William Reichow (R)   33%

Robert Schisler (D)   29%           

Henderson County Board          

(Vote for five)        

Bradley Flatt (R)      17%

Roger Cook (R)        15%

Bill Knupp (R)           15%

Deb Pflasterer (R)  15%

Troy Jern (D)           14%

Kevin Geary (R)       12%

Richard Bigger, Jr (D)   12%           

Hancock County Board District Two  

Don Little (R)    75%

Donna Clampitt (D)   25%           

Hancock County Board District Four 

Mark Menn (R)   69%

David Hunter (D)    31%           

Schuyler County Board  

(Vote for three)     

Chet Esther (R)   26%

Rick Wright (R)   26%

Charles Bainter (R)    22%

Sandra Kaye Valentine (D)   16%

Robert Baren (D)    11%

Littleton Township Referendum        

Sell the community building and a vacant lot to the Village of Littleton for $1.00

Yes      76%

No       24%           

Brown County Board      

(Two-year term, vote for five)  

Chad Kunkel (R)   20%

Rick Garthaus (R)   19%

Lori Wiese-McKee (R)   18%

Timothy Woodward (D)   16%

Charles Northcutt (R)        16%

James Taney (D)     11%

Mount Sterling Referendum   

Issue $800,000 in bonds for the Uptown Revitalization Project 

Yes      63%

No       37%           

Fulton County Board District Two      

(Vote for four)

Cindy Arnett (R)   22%

John Spangler (R)   20%  

Roger Clark (D)    16%

Vicki Sue Hoke (D) 14.8%

Robert Bucher (D)  14.7%

Joseph Petersen (D)   12%           

Fulton County Board District Three  

(Vote for three)

Patrick O'Brian (R)              28%

Lisa Thompson (D) 26%

John Taylor (D)       25%

Glen Hamm (D)       21%           

Cass County Sheriff         

Devron Ohrn (D)    74%

Ronald Boris (R)      26%

Arenzville Fire Protection District Referendum   

Tax rate increase   

Yes      45%

No       55%           

Mason County Sheriff    

Paul Gann (D)    68%

Thomas Hardesty (R)    32%           

Mason County Treasurer          

Cari Meeker (D)      57%

Steve Blessman (R)     43%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain Scott Shipplett      

Yes      84%

No       16%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain Rodney Clark         

Yes      84%

No       16%           

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Retain James Standard    

Yes      82%

No       18%

Rich is TSPR's News Director.