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Emphasis - April 13

Won Moo Hurh

Rich Egger's guest is Won Moo Hurh of Macomb. He is author of I Will Shoot Them from My Loving Heart.

The book is a memoir of his service in the South Korean army. Hurh was a 17 year old high school senior when North Korea invaded his country in June, 1950.

Hurh was trained for three months before being commissioned as a second lieutenant in the South Korean army. He ended up serving seven years in the military.

Hurh found war to be absurd.

“The enemy is different, but they are also your fellow human beings,” Hurh said. “I really learned a very, very existential lesson.”

Hurh said his time on the front taught him to value life. He does not believe there is any such thing as a “good war.”

“It is a killing institution. By killing you will be rewarded,” he said.”You are there to kill someone every day.”

Hurh believes most soldiers are not concerned about ideology or nationalism while they are on the front. Their the primary concern is to save themselves and their buddies.

He said the title I Will Shoot Them from My Loving Heart refers to Item Number 2 in the Korean army combat code (this particular item was repealed because of public outcry).

Hurh said it read, “If I see my comrades or subordinates retreat without permission, I will shoot them from my loving heart of patriotism and friendship.”

Hurh will sign copies of his book on Saturday, April 14, at New Copperfield's Book Service on Macomb's courthouse square.  The book signings will be held from 10:00 am to noon and from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.