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A weekly public affairs program in which Tri States Public Radio interviews newsmakers from around the region.

Emphasis – June 29

City - Keokuk - Police Chief Tom Crew - 400.jpg

Jason Parrott’s guest is Keokuk Police Chief Tom Crew.  They talk about Crew’s upcoming retirement and his 25 year career in law enforcement.

Crew describes his time with the Keokuk Police Department as a “great ride” filled with good friends and fond memories.

He says he is grateful that he found a career where it was never a burden to have to go in to work. 

Crew says that will make it more difficult, though, to walk out of his office for that final time.

“I am going to go through a transition phase,” says Crew, “as I am used to being around law enforcement officers.  Now, I will be a regular citizen so it will be an adjustment.”

Crew says the time was right for him to step away.

“The (police) department has good support from the (Keokuk City) Council right now,” says Crew.  “They (Aldermen) are not looking to downsize us and they have agreed to replace officers.”

Crew says one of his best memories was when he received a heart-felt thank-you from a woman he had never met while standing in a grocery store.

His hardest day on the job was December 22, 1999.

That was the day that three Keokuk firefighters died trying to rescue three young children, who also perished in a structure fire.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.