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Statewide: The bobcat comeback


Bobcats were hunted to near extinction in parts of the American Midwest. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s states began putting the lynx on protected species lists in order to prevent population collapse.

The bobcat has made a huge comeback and since the 1990s hunting for the predator has reopened across the country. Yet, even as bobcats thrive, some question the necessity of harvesting the cats. JuanPablo Ramirez-Franco has a report.

Also this week:

* Maureen McKinney reports Black and brown people continue to have the highest rates of HIV infection and die in greater numbers. She looked into some of the possible reasons.

* Peter Medlin speaks with Dr. Jessica Brown, VP for student affairs and athletics at North Central College. She recently wrote how Title IX, approved 50 years ago, hasn't fulfilled its promise to Black women.

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* Charlie Schlenker interviews state Sen. Jason Barickman. The Bloomington Republican has announced he plans to leave the legislature.

* Zach Boblitt reports on school lockdowns and the impact they have on students.

* Jenna Dooley of WNIJ talks with her grandmother, Joyce DeFauw of Geneseo, who will graduate from Northern Illinois University this weekend at age 90. She completed her degree more than five decades after starting college.

* Eric Stock interviews Pontiac prison lieutenant Will Lee and AFSCME's Anders Lindall about what they say is inadequate staffing at the facility. They argue that puts workers in more danger.

* Susanna Kemerling reports on Kewanee hiring a new employee recently released from prison. She found a change in employment rules made it possible and it might happen in more towns.