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Commentary: In the Room Where It Happens

Monica Corsaro

"Everyone wants to be in the room where it happens." In the home, especially when a delicious meal is served, it is the dining room, at the table.  I love having guests at my dining room table. I love the sharing of food and drink, the sharing of stories, one better than the next. Hours spent together at the table. 

Since the pandemic I have missed and longed for dinner parties at the dining room table. But as I look at my dining room table this alone time has also given me time to think and reflect.

When I host a dinner party again I will look at my table and ask: who is present?  Who is not there? The diversity question.  Did my guests have any accessibility issues to get to my table? The equity question. And once we all get to the table, do all feel welcomed so all may be fully themselves? The inclusion question.

In so many of our faith traditions the table is a holy place.  I am constantly asking myself, am I getting too comfortable with who is at my table? Am I adjusting, challenging myself, to keep growing the table?  

Seeking diversity, equity, and inclusion I realize now are not nouns but action words we must be continually acting on. It just doesn’t happen -- we working with one another must make it happen.  Because in this sacred life, “All deserve to be in the room where it happens.” 

Reverend Dr. Monica Corsaro is a United Methodist clergy from Galesburg. 

The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Western Illinois University or Tri States Public Radio.  Diverse viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged.