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Consolidation is Still an Option for Districts

Despite the failure of the proposed consolidation of Abingdon, Avon and the Bushnell-Prairie City school districts, consolidation in some form is still on the table.

The “Just Vote No” committee in the B-PC district was the most vocal group opposed to the measure. They opposed including Abingdon because of the length of bus rides for students who would have gone to junior high school there. Many members support a consolidation with Avon.

Voters have not had a chance to decide on that option.

B-PC Superintendent David Messersmith said, “I've been in contact with Superintendent Oakley from Avon and I'm sure our board would communicate with their board to explore some sharing opportunities.”

Abingdon Superintendent David Black said his district is interested in working with Avon. He said the administration is looking at the latest data to see if and what kind of merger would benefit both districts.

Both superintendents said their districts are financially sound and have a solid curriculum. Neither feels the need to rush into a consolidation.

Avon Superintendent Dan Oakley said the district doesn't have that luxury. He said the district must find a partner.

He said, “We have done staff cuts to the point where we're about as thin as we can go without affecting education directly.”

He said it's not yet clear whether Abingon, B-PC or another district would be the best fit for Avon.