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You learn a lot from listening to TSPR, your NPR News station. Chances are the value of what you learn reaches far beyond the time you spend tuned into your favorite programs. The news, information, and music you hear on TSPR every day keeps you abreast of current affairs and helps you make decisions that influence and enrich your life and your community.

  You make connections every day with your friends, family, and coworkers that you can link back to stories and music you hear on TSPR. We hope you feel an ownership in the service that TSPR brings you. Financial support from listeners, including you, is the most important source of funding that keeps TSPR connecting you to what you rely on most. You come back again and again to TSPR, because you know you can trust the quality journalism, thoughtful playlists of music, and insightful commentary. It’s an authentic connection, and one that TSPR does not take for granted.

Tri States Public Radio relies on our connection to you. The stories, reporters, music hosts, and everything behind the scenes that makes them possible wouldn’t be on your radio without your financial support. Please complete the connection to Tri States Public Radio by making a gift of support. We are committed to keeping this public service as vital and thriving as you expect it to be.

Because TSPR is member-supported, your contribution plays a vital part of bringing news and music to our region. Listener support is the most important source of funding Tri States Public Radio has and the funds raised from listeners, just like you, help us bring great programming to you and the tri-state region. Tri States Public Radio has been here for you all year with programming you’ve come to depend on. Now we're asking you to, also, take the next step: become more than a listener, make a contribution to keep this resource alive and well in the Tri State region. 

Still have questions about a Tri States Public Radio Membership? Visit this FAQ to find the answer.

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