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Committee Could Work with IFC

Apr 16, 2013

A special committee could be formed to work with a planned industry in southeast Iowa.

The Groundbreaking for Iowa Fertilizer Company's plant near Wever.

The website, www.southeastiowahousing.com, was created to connect the workers who will build Iowa Fertilizer Company’s new $1.4-billion plant near Wever with potential housing options.

The options include apartments, rental homes or even campgrounds.

Mike Norris with the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission says the website is getting plenty of use.

He says there is now talk of forming a regional information council to work with IFC.

Norris says the idea is to allow IFC’s public relations team to speak with the council and then the members would take the message back to their communities.

Norris says if all goes according to plan, the council could be established within the next 4-6 weeks.

He says another communication tool being considered is a website that would track the progress of the new fertilizer plant.