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Contract Settled for SRC Faculty

May 25, 2018

The three-year pact covers 34 fulltime faculty members at Spoon River College's campuses in Canton, Macomb, Rushville, and Havana.  SRC President Curt Oldfield praised the interest-based bargaining approach used during the negotiations.

“Just being able to work from a problem-solving approach rather than from an approach of a singular interest from each party,” said Oldfield.

Members of the Spoon River College Faculty Association will receive 2% pay raises in the first year of the contract, which takes effect August 16, 2018. 

Oldfield said both sides agreed to negotiate salaries for the second and third years later, given the uncertainty of state funding.

“Rather than locking either party into a salary increase that wasn’t acceptable, we decided to just look at it on an annual basis as we knew where enrollment was at, as we knew where state funding was at,” Oldfield said.

“It just gives us some flexibility to be able to look at the issue as the time is appropriate.”

Oldfield no other contract language can be touched during the life of the contract, which provides certainty to faculty members.

He said the raises will cost the school an additional $55,521.35.

After the SRC Board of Trustees approved the contract, it also agreed to give 2% pay raises for next year to administrators and professional support staff.