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Election 2017 - Fort Madison City Council - 2nd Ward - Brian Wright

Oct 20, 2017

Two people are running for the Ward 2 seat on the Fort Madison City Council: Incumbent Brian Wright and challenger Bob Morawitz. Wright believes his experience and his leadership are still needed on the city council.

Wright was appointed to the city council in 2011. He said he's running for another term in office because he feels the city has given him a lot and this is a way for him to give something back.

Wright said he would like to work with local economic development organizations on job growth and with entrepreneurs willing to add some family entertainment opportunities in Fort Madison, such as a roller rink or a bowling alley. 

His budget priorities include police, fire, and infrastructure.  He touted the improvements to the 15th Street Hill leading to Rodeo Park and he pledged to fight for improvements to Avenue F from 2nd Street to 22nd Street if re-elected. 

Wright said he supports the growth of local neighborhood watch groups, the completion of the downtown depot so Amtrak can relocate there, and a better marketing effort for historic sites such as Old Fort Madison.

Early voting is underway in Fort Madison ahead of the November 7 general election.