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Galesburg Storm Water Fee Questioned

Nov 18, 2014

Concerns are being raised about how Galesburg businesses will be impacted by the city's proposed storm water utility fee.

The fee would help pay for the installation of a new storm water utility system.  If approved, the fee would be implemented next year.

Shawn Pitman addresses the Galesburg City Council about the impact a proposed new storm water utility fee would have on his business.
Credit T.J. Carson

Shawn Pitman of Midstate Manufacturing raised his concerns during the public comment portion of the city council meeting.

Pitman, who is plant manager for the facility, said the fee would make it more difficult for the business to operate.

“We’ve got the storm water utility, we’re looking at increased property taxes.  Plus, we’re also looking at the Affordable Care Act and the ever changing rules on that.  And the additional burden that’s being put on the businesses and the employees to have health care coverage,” Pitman said.

He told aldermen that Midstate has some parcels of property where the storm water fee on them would be higher than the property tax value.

Pitman said they would have to generate more business to keep up with the additional costs.

“In order to maintain current levels we operate at, we have to come up with almost a million dollars in additional sales to cover that,” Pitman said.

Alderman Wayne Allen suggested doing more research into the fee structure, to find out about its potential impact.