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Gun Ban Case Heard by Illinois Supreme Court

Jan 19, 2012

The  Illinois Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a case challenging  Cook County's ban on assault weapons.

Three gun owners say  they're law-abiding citizens and only use their firearms for recreation  and self-defense.

Edward  Ronkowski represents the men.  He told the justices the law was too  broad, and gave an example  of someone buying a rifle. The owner could  make sure he was in  compliance with the ordinance by verifying the gun  would accept  only a four-round clip.

"The very next day, if  somebody  in China makes a large-capacity magazine that fits it, you're  now  a criminal. You're being criminalized for conduct that occurred  halfway around the world that you had no responsibility for, and  didn't  know anything about," Ronkowski said.

Cook County  contended the court is not a proper forum to voice opposing views  on a policy argument.

An  assistant state's attorney instead  suggested gun owners should try to  influence county commissioners  through the political process.

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