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Higher Education a Priority for Governor

Feb 14, 2012

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is indicating he wants the state to help more needy college students.  

Quinn will deliver his budget message on February 22. He is not releasing details yet, but said the state has to pay for priorities -- and he places higher education near  the top of his list.   

After a meeting with college and university  presidents, Quinn called for more money to go toward financial  aid. 

 "I think the Governor has to work with these leaders on investing in higher education, particularly scholarships for deserving  students,” Quinn said.

“We have a  program called MAP.  It's  been around for more  than a half  a century.  It's vital to many students being able to go to college.”

Demand  for the financial aid is at an all time high as students struggle to pay higher tuition costs. 

Quinn has yet to say how much of an increase he wants for the MAP program or where that money  will come  from. 

Colleges and universities will also be waiting  to see what the Governor has in mind for operational spending. The state is far behind in paying the schools large amounts  of money it owes them. 

The Governor's budget speech can be heard live at noon on February 22 on Tri States Public Radio.

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