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The International Day of Peace

Jan 26, 2012

September  21 is the International  Day of Peace, which is also referred to as Peace Day. It's considered  a shared date for acts of peace.

For  example, the Philippine  military said it will declare a one-day truce  with communist rebels  to mark the International Day of Peace.

The  day was created  by the United Nations in 1981 and the first Peace Day  was celebrated  in 1982. The UN's General Assembly declared in 2002 that  September  21 would be the permanent date for the International Day of  Peace.

To  mark the occasion, News Director Rich Egger and Dr Julia Albarracin  of Western Illinois University's Political  Science Department talked to people on the Macomb campus to  find out their hopes for peace and their thoughts on what prevents  it.

You can listen to the feature by clicking on the audio button and you can watch the accompanying video on YouTube.

Albarracin  will host a Peace Day celebration Wednesday night, September 21,  7:30pm in the Multicultural  Center at WIU.