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Keokuk Preparing to Repair Streets

Jan 9, 2019

Keokuk will start the new year by doing more than $600,000 worth of street improvements.  Mayor Tom Richardson said while that’s a good start, the city is just scratching the surface of the repairs that are needed.

“And it breaks my heart because I see people looking at me,” said Richardson. “I want S. 18th Street done from Main Street to the National Cemetery. I want to do that, but we may see a block of that [this year] and it’s just frustrating for me.”

South 21st Street in Keokuk
Credit Jason Parrott / TSPR

Richardson said Keokuk would like to do more but cannot afford it, largely because of the federally mandated sewer separation project, which is costing the city more than $75 million. While that has resulted in new streets atop the new sewer lines, it has also limited the city’s ability to borrow money for additional work.

As for the upcoming $600,000 in work, which will be funded with local tax dollars, the city plans to repair about a dozen blocks on the south side of Main Street.

  • S. 13th Street (Palean to Johnson)
  • S. 16th Street (Main to Johnson)
  • S. 17th Street (Main to Johnson)
  • S. 21st Street (Timea to alley between Exchange & Johnson)
  • Bank Street (S. 22nd to S. 18th)

Bank Street in Keokuk
Credit Jason Parrott / TSPR

Crews will grind away the first 3-4 inches of driving surface and replace it with asphalt. Construction bids are due January 29 and a public hearing on the project is scheduled for February 7.

The city hopes the work will be completed this summer.