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Lamboo Graduates from Galesburg Sustainable Business Center

Jan 14, 2013

The whole point of a business incubator is that companies will eventually leave, that they become so successful  that don’t need the help the incubator provides. The first company recently graduated from Galesburg’s Sustainable Business Center.

Lamboo sells “laminated engineered bamboo” products for construction such as trusses and beams,  as well as door and window frames.

The company’s  President, Luke Schuette, founded Lamboo in 2003. Its offices are in Springfield but it used the sustainable business center for warehouse space throughout 2012

Examples of Lamboo's structural materials.
Credit http://www.lamboo.us/structure-bamboo-structural-beams

Schuette said the company needed warehouse space to be able to expand , but he wanted to remain focused on the technology side of the business.

"We're a technology company based on the performance and industrial grade applications of bamboo," Schuette said, "and that's what are now able to focus on. We never really wanted to become a distribution, logistics company."

By being able to use the SBC for warehousing, the company was able to forge partnerships with other companies.

"Without our position with the SBC we would have never been able to position ourselves to even talk to these major players," Schuette said.

Lamboo has partnered with 30 companies including with Kolbe Windows and Doors to use  Lamboo’s materials to replace the commercial entry doors at 850 Pier One stores across the country.