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Lee County Sheriff to Oversee Donnellson Officers

Jun 10, 2015

Lee County will oversee law enforcement operations in Donnellson following the arrest and subsequent resignation of the city's police chief.

The Donnellson City Council and the Lee County Board of Supervisors have signed off on a 28E agreement that lays out how the oversight will be handled.  Per the agreement, which runs through June 30, 2016, Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl will now "act as command officer for the Donnellson Reserve Program."

Donnellson has four reserve officers.  They have been off the job since former Police Chief William "B.J." Sackett resigned following his arrest for domestic abuse last month.  State code prohibits reserve officers from working without the direct supervision of a certified peace officer.

Lee County has signed similar agreements with Donnellson, West Point and Montrose in the past when the communities were without a police chief.  The county normally requires a payment of $2,500/month.

Former Donnellson Police Chief William "BJ" Sackett is due back in court in a couple weeks. He was arrested last month on one count of simple domestic abuse assault.
Credit Lee County Sheriff's Office

This time, though, Donnellson is being charged just $500/month.  Sheriff Sholl said after this week's meeting that the amount is likely due to the emergency nature of the situation.

He told the supervisors the agreement will expire in one year or as soon as the city hires a new police chief, whichever comes first.

The city of Donnellson said it is beginning the process of replacing Sackett, who is due in court later this month.  His trial is scheduled for this fall.