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Libraries Seeking More Money

Jan 23, 2013

Lee County’s public libraries say more county funding would allow for more services.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors

The libraries are asking for $64,500 in the county’s upcoming budget, which is an increase of $4,500 compared to the current spending plan.

Fort Madison Public Library Director Sarah Clendening says the libraries would use the extra money to upgrade technology, purchase DVD’s for the rotation program and sponsor more youth and adult programs.

Chairman Rick Larkin says the Board of Supervisors will consider the request.

“I am sure they are in need of the money,” says Larkin.  “We will do everything we possibly can to see if we can’t get it to them, but before I can make a commitment, I need to see what the whole mix of everything that has come in so far and how much it entails.”

The annual report from the libraries in Keokuk, Montrose, Fort Madison, West Point and Donnellson shows that 22% of all cardholders live in rural Lee County.

By contrast, the county provides less than 7% of their annual budgets.

Larkin expects the Board to get its first look at the full budget before the end of January.