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Limiting Access for News Photographers

Jan 14, 2014

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the White House’s decision to limit the amount of access photojournalists have to President Obama.

The administration will instead have its own official photographer send out photos from many events.

News organizations are adamantly opposed to the policy and some have vowed not to use the White House’s official photos.

The Shop Talk panelists are also highly critical of the policy.  Panelist Lisa Kernek said the official photographer will be tasked with making the president look his best. Candid shots that might not be flattering will be scrapped.

Panelist Rich Egger said Obama campaigned on a promise of providing a more transparent and open government but his administration has been anything but open and transparent.

Panelist Jasmine Garcia praised the new organizations that won’t use the official White House photos.  She said photojournalists cover the White House on behalf of the people whom the president was presumably elected to serve.