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McDonough County Still Testing For West Nile

Oct 12, 2014

Even though the weather is getting cooler, the McDonough County Health Department is still on the lookout for West Nile Virus.

The Department set up mosquito traps in May to test for the virus. The traps found two different signs of it within batches of mosquitos in August and September.

Business Insider found mosquitoes as deadliest animal.
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Stagnant water is used in traps to attract the mosquitos. Environmental specialist Jake VanHeuklom said even though the traps have been pulled for the season, the department will still accept dead birds for testing.

"Birds are the host for West Nile Virus. The mosquitos will bite them and birds will contract the disease, they will carry it as a vector. Birds can usually live and continue to get more mosquitos and get infected," Said VanHeuklom.

No confirmed human cases were reported in McDonough County within the last year.

The department will accept dead birds for testing until Wednesday, October 15.