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Mega-Site in Lee County?

Jan 20, 2014

Lee County is trying to secure a designation from the state that could eventually lead to the establishment of new businesses and industries.

A mega-site is a construction-ready location of at least 1,000 acres that has multiple utility connections and transportation options.

Steve Bisenius with the Lee County Economic Development Group says a 2,500 acre site between Fort Madison and Wever is under consideration.

"This is unique because some corporations look for very large sites," says Bisenius.  "This would be the first time that we can offer that type of site to anybody."

Bisenius says to secure the designation, environmental and archeological studies must be completed.

He says if successful, the state will promote Lee County’s mega-site to potential employers.

This effort is separate from the Southeast Iowa Regional Economic and Port Authority’s proposed rural industrial park.