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New FDA Requirement Affects Feed Mills

Dec 10, 2012

A new food safety requirement that goes into effect at the end of the year affect those that manufacture food both for animal and human consumption. Facilities that "manufacture, process, pack or hold food" for both animals  and people must register with the FDA by December 31st.

The requirement is part of the Food Safety and Modernization Act which was passed in 2011.  Carol Longley, a Dietetics Professor with Western Illinois University said the modern food system is complicated and this law is a response to the food safety risks which that has caused.

WIU Professor Dr. Carol Longley

"With all these steps you don't know where the problem occurred or how to protect yourself," Longley said. "So these laws are there to help in the manufacture and distribution of the food."

According to Iowa State University Extension, the law affects any facility that processes or ships more than five hundred thousand dollars worth of food a year.  It says the F-D-A’s current data for these facilities may be incomplete or incorrect.

WIU Professor Longley says having accurate data helps track food safety  problems from manufactures to distributors.