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Petitgout Wins Republican Primary for McDonough Co. Sheriff

Mar 21, 2018

Nick Petitgout received 64% of the votes cast in the Republican primary for McDonough County on Tuesday. He defeated Justin Lundgren with 25% and Bryan Baca with 10% of the votes.

Petitgout told Tri States Public Radio he is thankful and honored to receive the support of the Republican Party.

“Hard work pays off. We made a point to go out and talk to everyone who votes in a Republican Primary. There are some doors I knocked on three or four times. I made an attempt to go talk to everybody. It didn’t matter where they lived in the county,” Petitgout said. 

Final vote tallies for the McDonough County Sheriff's race according to the McDonough County Clerk's Office

Petitgout is Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Department. He said juggling his campaign for sheriff with work has been difficult, but worthwhile.

“Having to manage the sheriff’s office full time. I work 40-50 hours a week running the jail and then I have to go out another 20-30 hours a week just trying to run for office. It’s stressful. I’m exhausted. I’m thankful though. I pulled it off and that’s the hard work I’m talking about. It felt like a three ring circus. You have family, campaign, and work," Petitgout said.

Petitgout is currently poised to become the county's next sheriff as he does not have a competitor in the general election. But, the Democratic Party could still slate a candidate this summer. Petitgout said he would like to talk to the people he didn’t get to during the primary and that he plans to continue campaigning through November. 

You can hear more about Petitgout's plans for the Sheriff's Dept. in his interview with Tri States Public Radio. Current Sheriff Rick VanBrooker plans to retire this year.

The McDonough County Sheriff's Department is currently being investigated by Illinois State Police following the release of 911 tapes from April of 2017.

Petitgout told Tri States Public Radio he is cooperating with the investigation, although he could not go into details. Petitgout said he expects the investigation to be wrapped up soon.