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Pro-Choice Rally in Macomb

May 22, 2019

Tuesday's unseasonably chilly weather did not dampen the spirits of about 30 demonstrators in Macomb. They rallied during the noon hour in support of a woman's right to choose.

The protest at the Chandler Park Gazebo was one of many held across the nation to oppose restrictive abortion laws passed recently in several states, including Missouri and Alabama.

Comments from some of those who spoke during Macomb’s rally:

  • Charlotte Durkin:  One thing I’m noticing is many of us in this crowd have gray hair. And that’s because we remember what it was like before abortion was a safe and legal option. (That) didn’t mean there were no abortions. Abortions will happen, regardless of the law.
  • Dan Barclay: Men can be supportive of this issue. It’s important to all of us. It’s about the health of our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. It’s about economic support for our families.
  • Brenda Hance:  I have some experience with women who were going through an abortion. It was hard for them. It was sad. It was not something that they took lightly. It was something that, luckily at the time, they did have the safe, legal option. And it’s got to stay that way.
  • Bobbi Moore:  Planned Parenthood is one of the greatest things that has come to America. Next to Social Security and perhaps Medicare, I think it is one of the most important things America has ever done. What they do for people is unbelievable and it is not just abortion. It is everything for women’s healthcare.
  • Kelley Quinn:  We need to have choices open and available for everybody.  We cannot take these rights away.
  • Merrill Cole:  I support all women having freedom to do what they want with their bodies and that’s why I’m here and that’s what I’m fighting for.
  • Diane Mayfield:  I had somebody ask me a couple days go if we would have a lot (of people show up for the rally).  I said ‘I don’t care if it’s just me. One person makes a difference.’ Our stories will help make that difference.